How to Open a Locked Car Door: 4 Short & Easy Methods!

How to open a locked car door
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Locking your keys inside the car is one of the most common yet frustrating experiences. Don’t worry! If that happens, the first thing you should do is take a deep breath. There are multiple ways to leran how to open a locked car door. Just get comfortable as we dive deep into the popular methods one could use when locked out of their vehicle. These strategies are surprisingly cost-effective and convenient regardless of whether experience or size matters!

How to open a locked car door with a Clothes Hanger

Unlocked cars with power doors are more challenging to unlock without a key. However, all hope is not lost! With clothes hangers, you can still unlock your car door. Begin by straightening your hanger and carefully inserting it into the seal around the door frame, just above the unlock button. Gently maneuver it until you feel like it has reached its destination, and slowly guide it toward the unlock button until you hear that sweet sound of success!
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How to open a locked car door with String or Fishing Line

Using a fishing line or a string is an effective way to unlock your manual locks without a key. Start by fashioning a loop in the middle of the string, then insert it into the door opening and hook it onto the locking mechanism. Give it a gentle tug, and voilà, you should be able to open the door. 
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How to open a locked car door using Your Windshield Wiper

If your window is slightly open, then using your windshield wiper is an effective way to get back into your car without a key. First, slide your windshield wiper through the window so that one side is inside your car and one side remains outside of it. You can then use it either to grab any keys left inside or hit the unlock button on the side of your door – whichever suits you best!  
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Call a Professional Locksmith

If all else fails or you feel insecure, call an experienced locksmith! With years of expertise, they can take on the task easily. Here at East Valley Locksmith, our fully qualified specialists have every tool and method necessary to be sure that your locks work reliably. So don’t hesitate any longer – contact us immediately, and we’ll be glad to help. Trust us – there’s no one better in town for these types of situations. Feel free to call us anytime, and we can provide you with superior service that focuses only on delivering quality results.


  • String
  • Fishing Line
  • Coat Hanger
  • Thin Rod or Wire
  • Windshield Wiper


Getting locked out of our car is one of those situations that we hope never happens to us – but when they do, knowing how to open a locked car door without a key can come in handy! These methods are easy-to-follow solutions that will help you get back inside quickly and safely so that you can continue with whatever plans await you outside these doors! And if you ever struggle with a lockout situation, whether it’s automotive, residential or commercial, we’re just a call away from getting you back in!


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